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There were two events that had me end up here:
2013 - went to a bar in Rio called "Bukowski" and learned it was named after an American writer
2015 - Stumble across an old link to Tony Pearce's blog which I had forgotten about. Clicked it, went current and read back to the Aug 16th Bukowski birthday post. Saw the tag, clicked the tag, and LOVED what I read so far. Clicked the link to the 3 versions of Crunch and found this website.

I'm very interested in experiencing some of Bukowski's work. I frankly have no idea where to start and finding out that there are multiple versions of his work makes it that much more complicated.

I'm throwing myself on your collective mercy - I ask for suggestions on how to begin my journey.

Thank you in advance for your time...
The above link is very useful. I know this because I didn't contribute to that thread. Your primary questions to answer are two:
  1. Which do you prefer: novels, short stories or poetry?
  2. If your answer to #1 is anything but poetry, are you prepared to read poetry?
The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills
Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
Love is a Dog From Hell
The Last Night of the Earth Poems

All essential.

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