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Work continues on the new database. Finished adding the new manuscripts, and the count is currently 1156. That means I have about 600 image files to edit and prep for the site, since there are 600 up there now. Yow.

The number of unique works stands at 4147, and I expect that to increase by maybe 100, but that's it. I know that sounds low according to the mythology, but it's as close to an accurate count of what's known as is possible.

That isn't to say there isn't a lot more unknown or unpublished (or unpublishable). Once the database is finished it will be easier to get a count on published, unpublished, etc.

I'd be interested to know how many works John Dullaghan cataloged when he went through Bukowski's papers in San Pedro. Maybe one day we'll find out.
While adding the page numbers for Terror Street to the new database, I found a poem in the book that isn't in the database; 275 steps from Hollywood.

Just goes to show you, there's always something new. Even in books from 1968. ;)

cirerita, what do your copious and all-encompassing notes say about 275 steps from Hollywood? Is it published elsewhere?

it didn't pop up in my database, so I guess it wasn't pub. anywhere else, unless Dorbin didn't make his job properly. As a matter of fact, we know there are a few 1955-1969 published poems that Dorbin didn't list. Not many, maybe 5-10.

Not listed in Aaron K's, either.
a brief note:

when I was researching into B's poetry, I NEEDED some sort of guideline to find all the available stuff. So I trusted in both Dorbin and Aaron K. bibliographies. As it turns, both of them "forgot" to list a few items. I noticed that when using UCSB's own database. I found a few old published poems which Dorbin didn't list, and those poems were available to Dorbin when he compiled his database.

If you take a close look at that Finch catalogue, you'll see some items say "not listed in Dorbin" or something along those lines.
Maybe that's why people say that compiling an accurate bibliography/list/database is impossible. They may be right! Ha. But we can still try.
cirerita said:
...Dorbin and Aaron K. bibliographies. As it turns, both of them "forgot" to list a few items.
Yep, just checked Krumhansl and he doesn't list 275 steps from Hollywood in the contents of Terror Street.

That seems like plain old sloppiness, since I assume he had the book in front of him at some point. Though It may be understandable, since there isn't any consistency in the way the titles are set. Some are all caps, some each word capitalized, some all in lower case...

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