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Wtf? (1 Viewer)


wtf, indeed....

I saw that today too. Only $70 for a computer printout of a 4 pictures from a book?

Of course, they are in Sweden so they will probably not be sued.

Still, I would not be surprised if someone bought this. There is someone born every minute that can be fooled by the idea of a "limited signed edition."

Especially funny is that it is signed by the "artist". I guess that "artist" in this case means the guy who right clicked the image and saved it to his hard drive before printing it on his home computer.

that's awful.
and it comes from the not very good "Buk Book", which makes the crime even worse...
Ah, another Buk rip-off at ebay. It would be much cheaper and faster to find the pics on the net and print them out yourself. But of course, then they would'nt be signed by the "artist"...:rolleyes:
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