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X-Ray Broadside of the month Club. (2005) $65.00 (1 Viewer)

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
I picked this up at the Berlinski auction because I wanted the Let's Have Some Fun broadside and two copies came with this lot (I'm keeping the AP version).

It's a beautiful portfolio and is much larger than I expected.

Brewton still sells these for $100 on his site, but I'll sell this copy for $65 (plus shipping) if anyone's interested. It's mint with a note to Berlinski.

12 broadsides, various sizes, loose in publisher's board portfolio, as issued. No. 53 of 100 sets.

Includes entire 2005 series. A.D. Winans, Mike Daily, Thurston Moore, Ray Bremser, Sexton Ming. Billy Childish, Lyn Lifshin, Charles Bukowski, Buddy Rich, Timothy Leary, Geof Huth.

Hand-printed on letterpress by master printer and designer, Johnny Brewton of the X-Ray Book Company. Included in a handbound deluxe portfolio case.



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