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alright, i've kinda been around here a while, going back to the smog.net days, but i just now got into this whole forum thing. so here goes....
been reading buk for about 14 years, collecting about 7. moved back to my hometown of nashville after katrina kicked me out of nola. like to booze it as much as the next drunk. so much so the doc told me to lay off, the liver's not looking so good.....
anyway, this forum seems damn interesting, and i hope to add something relevant someday...cheers!
Welcome to the forum, james! If you're a Buknut like the rest of us, then you've come to the right place...
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thanks for the kind welcome, fellas...

here's one from my collection.

2003-2006 1743.jpg
(sorry I haven't said welcome and all that. . . but you know you are)

Now that's fucking cool.
It looks like it's from It Catches my heart, but . . .

Where's it from?
you would be right. it's from "it catches my heart in its hands". probably the "stopper" of my collection, although i may have a few more items that may rival it...;)

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