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    Buk and Fante For Sale

    I've just listed some interesting titles on e-bay, seller name mdb123davis. I've got a nice HC/DJ BSP 12th printing of You Get So Alone Sometimes, John Fante's Dreams From Bunker Hill, 1st BSP Trade HC/DJ (this is the fourth in the Arturo Bandini saga); His son Dan Fante's collected poems: A...
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    eBay Profile update email. Is it to be trusted?

    Cirerita: It is definitely a fraud. The same e-mail was sent to me a few months ago and I stupidly hit the link and provided my password. As soon as I did it, I got suspicious and immediately went to my account and changed my password. Sure enough, the real e-bay contacted me and said that...
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    Fante For Sale

    Forgot to mention in my last thread, my seller name on e-bay is mdb123davis. Thanks
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    Fante For Sale

    I have about four 1st edition Fante's on e-bay at very good prices: West of Rome, Wine of Youth, Full of Life, Brotherhood of Grape. All nice BSP HC trade 1sts. Check em out. Thanks. Markdb
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    What Are You Reading?

    Just finished Paul Bowles' Their Heads Are Green and Their Hands Are Blue. Great travel book from early sixties and provides great insights into Islam. Not to mention, the man knows how to write. Also just finished reading a couple by Dan Fante, in my opinion he has to be considered a real and...
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    New artwork for Bukowski paperbacks

    The thing about the Barbara Martin designs was the minimalist typographic beauty of most. They focused on the words that make up the titles. And, most of Bukowski's titles were second to none. We live today in a world of manufactured images created for the passive reception of information...
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    The People Look Like Flowers At Last

    I missed the earlier thread on this. Just curious as to how you all got your advance copies? Is the first printing due out in April, 2007? Thanks Mark
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    Roominghouse Signed... B Quick

    You are so right Erik. I feel lucky now to have gotten $225 for my Madrigals last week. I wonder if the buyer of this one was the second place bidder on mine and is now glad he didn't win mine. I've got like 18 watchers on both my Crucifix and my Tournefortia, but not a single bid with just a...
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    PBA Auction on December 14th

    The price range on the Factotum seems reasonable, especially compared to the currently listed items on e-bay with a painting tipped in. The Fire Station price range seems high. I have a near perfect Fire Station (signed in wraps) currently listed on e-bay and have only had the starting bid met...
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    New E-Bay Listings Buk, Fante, Bowles

    Three More I've listed three more by Bukowski on e-bay: Sept Stew, Roominghouse Madrigals and Shadow of the Rose, all 1st signed limiteds. Check em out. Thanks
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    New E-Bay Listings Buk, Fante, Bowles

    I'm still hoping -- and you are right - $600 would be great - only the one bid so far but there are 15 watching it and I'm assuming a couple of those 15 will bid - but christ, it's a bizarre market right now for Bukowski, Fante and Bowles. I've had a nice signed limited of Bowles' The Spider's...
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    Bukowskis (bar in boston)

    Where are they located in Boston, Michael Conrad?
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    once again?????

    That is not one of my items. Mine are not signed and are from 2001 and 2002 I don't know the seller of this one. Markdb
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    New E-Bay Listings Buk, Fante, Bowles

    Just thought I would let you know that I am selling some interesting items on e-bay: Bukowski: 2 New Years greetings; Fante: Ask The Dust, 1st, signed limited, and Brotherhood of the Grape, 1st Trade; Bowles: The Spider's House, 1st, signed, limited, all BSP, all lovely condition and at really...
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    Ham On Rye Intro.

    Haven't read the cannongate intro either but can highly recommend "Paddy Clarke, ha, ha, ha" by Doyle. It's mad and brilliant. One connection between Doyle and Bukowskit might be Doyle's understanding of growing up poor in Ireland and feeling like the whole world is against him.