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    Your favorite beer?

    murphys is delicious. although lately i have been drinking Rogue Dead Guy. That is some darn tasty stuff right there.
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    Your favorite beer?

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    What I'm having for dinner.

    mmm, 12:30 am and i'm working on a bottle of wine and a nice toasty grilled cheese sammich.
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    see? this is why i only come by 2 x a year. LOL
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    Seen any good movies lately? - Films you MUST see

    that gg allen movie was delightful - eddyflash picked it out for me and him to watch on the netflix and it was good. otherwise i've been zooming through all of Cromartie High School's DVD's, I can't believe this show was only on for 6 months. *sob i'd like to go see Becoming Jane this...
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    Post Your Bukowski Collection

    no shit you should see what he charges for that piece of cardstock. ;p
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    Last CD you bought/ Book you read

    alright kids, i'm knee-deep in harvey peeeeekar's loathing and bellyachin' and i love it. last cd was probably a split lip rayfield somethin' or other. xoxo
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    oh, we drink plenty already around here. ;p
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    gooba gabba gooba gabba.
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    Hunter S. Thompson

    i've been dragging through the Steadman bio on HST, it's not so hot. or, it would be good, if it wasn't so strangely passive-agressive. but the drawings are good, and the photos are interesting.
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    Seen any good movies lately? - Films you MUST see

    russian film: House of Fools
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    The New Generation of Buk readers

    short answer - it's good art. it will stick to every generation. doesn't every artist want their voice to continue? immortality. i want to paint something that sticks like a buk poem.
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    Matt Dillon on the Henry Rollins show

    the fangirl chimes in: henry rollins can't write for shit. his writing generally reminds me of the emotional letters i received from my DungeonMaster boyfriends back in high school ~ you know, the dark angry guy with the samurai swords in the basement of his mom's suburban home. Those guys...
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    The weirdest f-n post ever seen on a forum:

    hooboy. that's nothing. you should go hang out on a few of the 'pagan' boards i used to lurk back when i was young and 'spiritual'. there's enough whoop-ding-looney-tune behavior on those to keep you busy for years. thank god i'm an atheist now.
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    Comics and CGC ratings

    *sigh* ...elfquest. there i said it. but i'm horribly disillusioned with wendy right now. apart from that it's the usual run-o-th'-mill sandman preacher and things like that. never got into superheros or that genre. i also enjoy the work of lucy knisley very much.