on writing

  1. mjp

    Do you want a free copy of On Writing?

    Of course you do. The next question is, do you live in the UK? Because this generous offer comes from Canongate, the UK publisher of the book, so you have to have a UK address to qualify. If that sounds like you, send me a message with your name and mailing address, and if the gods of random...
  2. Dirtydoh

    On Writing

    So there I was doing my usual trawl of Amazon (along with other online shops) for Bukowski work when I stumbled across this. Anyone know anything about it? It is to be released by Ecco books next year.
  3. C

    The Bell Tolls For No One - New Buk Story Collection From City Lights

    Am I really the first person to post anything about this? "The Bell Tolls for No One is a book of previously uncollected short fiction by everyone's favorite dirty old man, Charles Bukowski. Beginning with the illustrated, unpublished 1947 story, 'A Kind, Understanding Face,' continuing through...