the bell tolls for no one

  1. C

    The Bell Tolls For No One - New Buk Story Collection From City Lights

    Am I really the first person to post anything about this? "The Bell Tolls for No One is a book of previously uncollected short fiction by everyone's favorite dirty old man, Charles Bukowski. Beginning with the illustrated, unpublished 1947 story, 'A Kind, Understanding Face,' continuing through...
  2. David

    Break-In, Hustler, March 1979

    Another tough one, I believe not yet posted...
  3. cirerita

    Stud Service - illustrations [Fling, May 1986]

    I bet you guys haven't seen this one. It's an uncollected short story -illustrated by Spain Rodriguez- which appeared in the May 1986 Fling issue. It's very rare and extremely hard-to-find (in fact, there are almost no entries in Google, if any).