the pleasures of the damned

  1. roni

    'Sun Coming Down'

    according to the database, the poem 'Sun Coming Down' was first printed in Harlequin - Vol. 2 - No. 1 - Page 11 - 1957 and then never again until after Hank's death. From everything we know, I find it likely, that these posthumous versions have been 'changed'. To verify this, we'd need a copy...
  2. mjp

    The Shit Shits

    Not Chinaski; Klienholtz! (Who?) A copy of the 1970 Runcible Spoon on display at the Huntington inspired me to dig out my copy and give it a read. Unfortunately for you, I can't just read it and shut up. Three of the poems are uncollected, but I can't bring myself to put this 41 year old piece...
  3. Jason

    Poem For Personnel Managers, As The Sparrow - Quixote 13 (1957)

    scans of Quixote 13, edited by Jean Rikhoff Hills (NY & Devonshire: Quixote, Spring 1957) featuring the uncollected Bukowski poem "Poem For Personnel Managers:"
  4. HenryChinaski

    the pleasures of the damned 1951-1993

    xxx: yeah xxx: the poems 1951-1993 xxx: martin selected some old stuff, lus new ones xxx: actually, dumbass, the book is titled "the pleasures of the damned" xXCaptMidnightXx: really xxx: yeah, keep it on the DeeeL xXCaptMidnightXx: ahahhahahah I will xXCaptMidnightXx: what about the...