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From the Georgia Straight. Had to decrease the scan size on the first page (two scans stitched together) down to 79 percent as the file was too big (1.4 mb). Hopefully it's readable.

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This is the Western Front in Vancouver B.C. , 303 E. 8th Avenue, where Bukowski gave a reading in 1976. In the articles on Vancouver's architecture, written by Stevie Wilson, is also mentioned the East Hastings Auditorium, later known as the Viking Inn, where Bukowski gave his second reading in 1979. Bukowski is mentioned in the article with a photo of the Auditorium, further down in the article. I lived 3 blocks away.

The building was originally constructed in 1922 as a lodge for the Pythians to conduct, well, whatever it was that they did – secret meetings and such. When they sold the property in the early 1970s, they left behind various paraphernalia including their signature capes, a trophy, club signage, and a portrait of their fraternal leader. During my tour we ran into celebrated Canadian artist and co-founder of Western Front, Eric Metcalfe (formerly known as Dr. Brute, who regaled me with more amazing history and anecdotes than I could possibly fit into a short article. He mentioned that when the space was founded by himself and eight other artists in 1973, the place wasn’t in the most pristine condition, which happened to be ideal for this group of young people engaged in the contemporary Fluxus movement. Of the creativity and freedom of the early years, he observed simply, “It was a party time.” Stevie Wilson

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