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ladies and gentlemen,
good night so far. i'm in that drinks and poems mood again, and as so many times before looking for that one bukowski poem calles "brewed and filled by". as i'm german i read nearly every bukowski book in german, what's not too bad but in the end not the real thing. so i found out the original name of that poem, but can't get the poem (the cheapest version of "at terror street and agony way" is for 400$). i'll open my smallish brewery in southwest portugal this summer and i need that poem on the wall! anybody out there who could get me that poem? thanks so much and have good weekends, stefan
That's a fragile and expensive book, I don't think anyone is going to stick it into a scanner for you.

Oh, okay, I will.


And here's a giant, high-resolution version of the image for printing (download is 62MB). Since you want it for your brewery wall.

I only did this for you because by opening a brewery you are doing God's work.

[Download link removed. If you want the file now you have to start your own brewery. - ed.]
Wow! pure awesomeness! thank you mjp so much! finally the ORIGINAL BRAUEREIABFÜLLUNG got its original version! send me your adress and i bring a nice beer on the way where ever you are!
thank you!
Like a little kid or a priest.
I know I've posted this before, but the first 1:14 of this classic Dave Allen viddy is apropos. Back in your court, ya bleedin' great pillock! :wb:

If anyone is curious, here's google translate's take on shtieph's post:

nabend Berzarin! Thank you so much! I had offered him a beer for mjp thanks. if you interest in brewed from the southern end of the couch, did let me your address to know!

I don't know about you, but I'd be extremely suspicious about the southern end of anyone's couch.
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Gedichte vom südlichen Ende der Couch (Poems from the southern end of the couch) is the title of the German edition from Dangling in the Tournefortia. Many Germans, who otherwise don't know much about Bukowski's works, have heard this title before.

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