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I was looking at the poem entitled "writing"
in the 1991 manuscripts
It seems clear that bukowski edited the copy himself
by hand writing the word "away' in the typed sentence

it blasts the darkness.But my copy of betting on the muse
does not print the addition of the authors edit.
whats up with that?
Well, John Martin did do a fair bit of editing, often to Buk's dismay (see other threads here and his books of letters). Not large passages, to my knowledge, but words here and there. Personally, I would have liked it to be exactly as Buk wrote it, but there you go.


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i liked the way john martin returned my phone calls
but the man didn"t drink and maybe still doesn"t
somethings wrong. i edit myself and my wallet is the proof.
I'd like to see what the man wrote. Buk had approval of proofs, right? I know he let Women slip but he did get proofs, didn't he?

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