2 Buk VHS on eBay -- are they real? (1 Viewer)


Usually wrong.
I just bid on this:


Do these look real to you guys? They don't look like pirated copies to me, but then I didn't really do my homework. I should have come here, read up on it, looked at the photos again of real vs fake copies, but I was in a hurry and didn't want to forget about bidding on them. Tell me I didn't do a stupid thing. I've unknowingly bought several pirated movies on eBay and it always pisses me off, because I'm paying enough to get the real thing. Now if these turn out to be fake and I win them, I'll enjoy the movies anyway, but it would be nice not to be duped again (no pun intended).

the one on the left is a pirated version, though the two films on it are not readily availible (hackford's film and the other from Scandanavia?) . the one on the right is the Black Sparrow Press official version of the Bellevue readings. (I think).
Thanks for the info. If only one of them is real, I'd be happy with that, if the price is reasonable. Or if they both prove to be fakes but play well, that would be okay. What's annoying is when you pay top dollar and get a bad piracy that doesn't play well. I know you can complain, give negative feedback, but for me it's not worth the risk of getting negative feedback in return. As a seller, I value my (so far) 100% positive feedback too much to ruin it over a lousy fake video, and so I eat it on those.

I went back to an old Forum post from May, found a link to an eBay auction of the same two videos, using the same exact photo, but different sellers. So I'm suspecting they may both be knock-offs. That'll learn me if I win the thing. But if they go cheap, I won't care. I haven't seen either film, so even a bootleg will be better than nothing.

The Bukowski at Bellevue tape (at least the one in the photo) looks genuine. You should know though, that even the real copies of this are pretty poor by modern standards.

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