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We're happy to announce three new books debuting at the East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair this weekend:

Sequin Soul by Joan Jobe Smith
Sequin Soul is a book of poetry by well-known poet Joan Jobe Smith about her experiences as a Go Go dancer in 1960's Los Angeles. We have been fans of Joan's for a long time (and previously published her work in our first book, A Common Thread), and we are extremely excited to release a book of her poems, which absolutely crackle with life on every line.

Sequin Soul will be released in a trade edition of 200 copies hand-sewn in paper wrappers. The covers are Gocco-printed in two colors, and the first 50 copies include handmade endpapers and are signed by the author. $9/signed; $5/unsigned

Acontextual Drawings by Abbigail McCracken

Abbigail McCracken is a cartoonist of uncommon talent, and we are very happy to be publishing her first book. Acontextual Drawings is somewhat of a mystery... where did these drawings come from, and are they related somehow? Some might wonder if there is a backstory in here somewhere, and they are free to do so.

Acontextual Drawings will be released in a trade edition of 100 copies hand-sewn in paper wrappers. The covers are printed with archival ink over digital ground that has been applied by hand, so no two are exactly the same. $6

Stiff Breeze by Barry Lutz
Barry Lutz is the pseudonym of a nice fellow with a government job, so we'll let him keep his true identity hidden. He covers up for his self-proclaimed lack of drawing talent by making comics that showcase his mastery of photo manipulation, and he has developed a very unique style in the process. Another Chance Press first, this is a guy to keep your eye on, as we are sure his work will be appearing all over the place before long.

Stiff Breeze will be released in a trade edition of 100 copies hand-sewn in paper wrappers. The covers are Gocco-printed, and the book is printed on vellum sheets interleaved with colored paper for a technicolor dreamcoat of awesomeness. Buy this even if you don't like comics - you won't regret it. $7

Prices include US shipping - you can order directly by sending money via PayPal to [email protected]. Please add $1.50 per copy to ship to Canada and $3 to anywhere else.

Finally: all three of these books will also be released in limited, deluxe editions that will be announced over the next few months to our mailing list of deluxe issue subscribers. If you would like to be notified when the deluxe editions are released and are not (or don't know if you are) on our deluxe issue mailing list, please let us know.

i'm happy to do some chapbooks again... after carol's thing, i like having a bunch of books for sale that are all under $10. of course, eventually we'll have the special editions done, and then we'll be back to our position as purveyors of luxury goods.
I meant that in the sarcastic sense that you don't put out enough books. It was a compliment. Now it's been misinterpreted and I am ashamed.

CP and BoSP both confound and amaze me with your prolific...ness.

You both work harder than anyone has any right to expect.
I got the humor in it right away. Yes, they are slacking by putting ONLY three pieces of literature out at one time. sheesh!

i got your joke you dimwit, i just wanted to add that part about being happy that we're returning to putting out the literature of the proletariat.
please, don't even put us in the same category as bill - that guy probably puts in twice as much work as the two of us combined.
I employ illegal Immigrants from an island so remote that they do not even have a name for it. Much like the Ooompa Loompas, they do one thing passably well and that is book arts.

They are good at making books, but only if they are strictly limited to 26 copies.

Then again, maybe I'm on acid.

hey everyone - just a note that these guys are actually selling fairly quickly. since the editions sizes are fairly large, you're not looking at an imminent sell-out, but they are definitely moving. also - the first 25 of the barry lutz books are signed at no additional charge, and we do only have a handful of those left.

thanks for letting me pitch, y'all. also - even if comics/art aren't really your thing, i'd really recommend spending $11 (total) for the lutz and mccracken books - they are so talented, and this is the first publication for either of them. i'm trying to do that publishery thing and get as many eyes in front of their work as i can.

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