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we're proud to publish a lengthy excerpt from cirerita's dissertation on bukowski as the newest chapbook from chance press. the book, titled Too Powerful a Thing to Reject: Charles Bukowski's Transition Years, 1945-1957, chronicles Bukowski's little-known and frequently misunderstood years of obscurity in the 1950's and his eventual transition to literary acceptance in the 60's and beyond.

the book is pretty much required reading for any bukowski fan, as there's stuff in here that has been buried by history and will be new information to even the most ardent bukowski reader, including the names of stories bukowski submitted for publication during his so-called "ten year drunk," and reactions from editors to whom buk submitted his work during the mid-to-late 1950's. everyone on this forum knows the amount of time abel has spent researching bukowski, and this book represents a tiny sliver of what he has uncovered... so, if you like bukowski, you really have no reason NOT to buy this book!

it is available in a trade edition for $7, a signed trade edition for $14, and a hardcover for $28. we expect the hardcovers to go quickly, so if you want one, don't wait! you can send paypal to [email protected] or buy directly from


you have an order.
Congrats on this beauty, my lovelies!

later this year, there will also be a Debritto-chapbook published by the Bukowski-Society.
jordan forgot to mention shipping in his post:

on the orders page there are shipping buttons for canadian and international shipping (shipping within the US is free). canada is $3 and the rest of the world is $6.50. if you are paypal-ing us directly, and not going through the orders page on our website, please don't forget to add the extra cost. if you are going through the website, just click on the shipping buttons and the cost will be added to your paypal cart.

sorry to everyone we emailed about the shipping confusion... i'm updating the site shortly to make it a little clearer.

4 hardcovers left y'all! buy one FTW!
That spine binding arrangement looks weird. I can't wait to get mine.

You know... for the smell.
did you get a hardcover copy of soheyl dahi's "HER" (published by bottle of smoke press)? that's where we got the idea for the binding. we'll do full casebound books eventually, but not for a while - the next two projects i'm working on have an accordion spine and a z-binding, and who knows what justine has up her sleeve for the books she's doing.
one hardcover left! keep in mind that when chance press is known the world over, you will be so incredibly pissed that you don't have our first hardcover release. also keep in mind that all of the "chance press research" books we publish will look similar, and you know how anal you are about having every book in a particular series. is the completist in you ever going to forgive you for the fact that you don't have a full run because Too Powerful a Thing to Reject sold out while you were asleep at the switch?
Yes, Imagine passing on X-Ray #1-4 when they came out and picking up with #5. #1-4 are about $1000 a piece now, when they could have been bought for $25 a piece in the early 90's. You cant go back in time and get these releases at the publication price. They are too sought after and with only 26 copies, there will always be far more people that want them than can have them.

hardcovers are sold out! thanks everyone for ordering and supporting us. still waiting for the bookplates, so the book will most likely be mailed next weekend.
Damn, I missed the boat on the hardcover, sent you a Paypal for the signed trade edition. Hope I included the postage. I think I ordered from your website so I'm probably okay on that. What a great project. Can't wait to see what wonders Abel reveals.
You must make part of your balanced daily diet. Then you never miss anything.

with things like this, Daily (=One time a day) isn't enough.

Sometimes I wonder if a super-hip-pomo-sms-information on several news would solve some problems here. How often have I bit my own ass just for the unsake of time-shift!
Perhaps an iPhone app that vibrates every time a new post is made. That way, even if you're at the moustache groomers or lubricating your fixie, you're up to date...
I'd say it's a beautifully designed piece of research rather than a book. Hopefully you guys won't find it too "academic"...
just finished it. a real cliffhanger - can't wait to see how it ends!

bad jokes aside, it was a great read, really interesting and beautifully presented.

great job y'all
Picked mine up from my parents house yesterday(the only constant mailing address I have used for the last 15 years) and tore through it in one sitting! Nice, nice work Jordan and Justine! Keep em coming and congrats on all your hard work!
I got mine yesterday and read the whole thing immediately.

A beautiful presentation of a fascinating work - Abel shines a light on the darkest period of Bukowski history like no one else could.
Yes, a very nice production of a very interesting subject.

I have to point out though, that on page 6 it is indicated that the story of Buk getting blood credits from his father was 'humorously described in the short-story "All the Assholes in the World and Mine"...' - actually, that story was recounted in Life and Death in the Charity Ward.
Fuck, you're right. That one slipped by me. I actually didn't want to elaborate on that episode, I just needed to mention the "bleeding ulcer" incident in passing, but I was told I had to expand it a bit. No excuses, but...

He tells that same story several times, though. It's in "Confessions of a Man Insane Enough..." but the one I was thinking of was definitely "Life and Death...". Will be sure to fix that if I ever publish the thesis. Thanks a lot.
This review just in:

Abel Debritto will one day be recognized as the world's preeminent Bukowski scholar.
------ Michael Phillips, man under bridge

Feel free to use that on the cover when it goes mass market.
Feel free to use that on the cover when it goes mass market.
It won't go mass market, don't worry.

Your friend Martin ;) tried to persuade me into writing brief intros to each section explaining a bit Bukowski's moods, where he was living at the time, etc -all that info was deliberately omitted in the thesis. I told him that I didn't want to turn my thesis into a biography, so I won't do that -I'm not a biographer. Chances are the book will be published by an academic press, which is exactly what I wanted all along... but before that a third of the thesis or so will appear here and there via several small presses and magazines, which is quite something.
I received my copy today and I couldn't put it down until I had finished it. You sure get a lot of info on Buk's early career in only 20 pages or so.
Nice pic of the famous binders btw.
Now I'll have to order the other one from Beat Scene.
Well done, Abel & Chance Press!
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