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I heard that henry miller began a 4th volume of The Rosy Crucifix but stopped it because it just wasnt working out. Does anyone know anything more on this, I know it was published but am unable to find the name of it. How is it? What are people's thoughts on The Rosy Crucifix series anyhow?
The Rosy Crucifixion

Hi Paul,

I'm not up on the latest, but I've never heard about a volume four until now. His writing not working out? That's hard to imagine, because he's writing like an effortless master throughout the entire series! Plus, I wouldn't see any point to it, as volume three, Nexus, recounts the time just before he's ready to leave for Paris... Sexus was a literary bombshell of total condor and the first Miller book I read. It's also one of the more quotable books I've read by anyone; I have many passages underlined... Plexus and Nexus round out the years leading up to his ten-year stay in France, where he of course wrote TOCAN, Black Spring, and TOCAP. While Miller and Bukowski were dramatically different stylistically, I view them both as great writers and have never felt the need to choose one over the other. Miller's major works can be downloaded as ebooks for a dollar each at Olympia Press online. Quiet Days In Clichy is also a great read, about Miller's escapades in France. If only Miller had had a great publisher in America like Bukowski did with John Martin, I think he would be much bigger in the US; in most of Europe he's well-read and well-established, and deservedly so. As it is, in the U.S., his sales lag because he saddled himself with New Directions Publishers, and they've done virtually nothing to keep many of his works before the public, and I feel that the works are badly needed now considering the tailspin this country appears to be in. At least Olympia Press has something on the ball by making the works I've mentioned more available at a dirt cheap price. I have no affiliation with Olympia; I just like what they're doing. One hundred years from now, I'm sure that every speck of what Bukowski wrote will be available on line by someone, free or not. "”Poptop.
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