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i never have, since i've read that cooling scotch dulls the flavor... but they look pretty cool.

want me to bring a bottle to our date this weekend? i could use a field trip to bevmo.
I don't see the point of those. For the good stuff you don't want water or cooling. For the cheap stuff, who cares? melting ice is an advantage with bad booze.
First, I'll try Agaguq in my glass.:wb:
You can say it shouldn't be cooled, but Scotland is a lot colder than Los Angeles, and I don't think most scotch was drunk in tropical climates back in the day. One man's room temperature is another man's frigid and unbearable winter.

Anyway, more the sin to water anything good down than to cool it a bit, I say. But who knows. I haven't tried them yet.

Remember, I drink bourbon. So you can't trust my low brow taste anyway.
I've seen those whisky stones before (on stumble) but when I looked into getting some I think they were only available in North America and were expensive to ship over. Also, the phrase 'on the rocks' is meant to come from ye olde times when Sweaty Socks would put pebbles from rivers into their whisky to cool it down. I'm not sure I believe that though (sounds like a marketing ploy for the whisky stones to my cynical ears). Anyway...
I only get my personal grooming items from Sharper Image!

The stones came from BevMo, a liquor Valhalla. While I was there I had to point out to some guy where the Everclear was. I only knew because I had just seen it and couldn't believe they sold it.


Oh - and bourbon bouillon? Genius. Someone invent it please.
For what it's worth, I tried the stones last night and they don't make the whiskey cold at all. I would estimate they raised the temperature only a few degrees.
I'm having this tonight:


not even close to my favourite scotch, but it was a gift.
I am partial to Highland Park, Isle of Jura (both the original and the Superstition), Glenmorangie, and I'm a big fan of Johnnie Walker. I always have a bottle of Red and Black in the house, usually a bottle of Green, occasionally Gold and I tried Blue Label on a cruise and it blew me away. Basically, I vary the prestige depending on what seems to fit.

I'm partial to Bourbons and Tennessee whiskey too, favourite Bourbons are probably Maker's Mark and Woodford Reserve, and I've got to admit I do love Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel, which I'm drinking right now.

Good old whisky eh.

Also, The Pleasures of the Drammed may well be the greatest thread title ever.
my new year's eve has involved all but one of these (the oban has stayed corked all night)...
- the talisker distiller's edition is my favorite of the bunch.
- i have given laphroaig many tries (including tonight), and i just don't like it. i guess i'm supposed to, but the smoke plus the sweet/sour undertones are just unpleasant. maybe i'd enjoy the 18, but i don't want to shell out $100 for a bottle to find out.
- the balvenie 15 is incredibly smooth, and i love it. i'm contemplating spending my xmas bonus on a bottle of the "tun 1401" release that is gettin rave reviews. i could buy a signed bukowski book for that money, though.
- i got the caol ila distiller's edition today and it's growing on me. it starts with no smoke whatsoever, and by the time you swallow it, that's all you taste. it's pretty remarkable.
- the macallan 18 mini was a good find, but this shit is just plain ovepriced. $175 a bottle? please.
- the highland park 18 is really nice - i'll probably pick up a bottle at some point. my only beef with it is that it is so balanced that it doesn't grab me at all. it's "nice" without being "fantastic."
- the oban tastes muted to me. it almost tastes like someone else watered it down before serving it to me. i wish they made a cask strength version or something.
- talisker 18 is awesome. great peppery finish. i happen to prefer the slightly sweeter finish of the distiller's edition, but i'm sure i'll buy another bottle of this after i finish it.

okay, enough is enough. happy new year to scotch! happy new year to!


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