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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
The Following interview was conducted in September 2008 in Oranges & Sardines which was the original title for PoetsArtists (now PA). The interview was never published then because the interviewee wanted to change all of her answers and I as the publisher decided to scrap the interview all together because it was causing too much stress and grief at the back-end for a publication that is free. Then several computers crashed and I forgot about it all until earlier this year. We then went searching our back logs and found the pdf and an audio file. Here is the original interview almost 6 years later un-proofed and unauthorized by the interviewee. There is nothing scandalous and only good things said about Charles Bukowski in this interview so as publisher, it is time to set it free.

GC: Your house sounds like a shrine to him.

LLB: Well, we are preserving the house with the CHARLES BUKOWSKI FOUNDATION. Everything goes into that trust. When I go, it’ll be a private museum, not open to the public, but for tours a couple times a year for truly interested scholars
I wonder how you'll prove that you are a "truly interested scholar".

Besides that, interesting that the drinking wasn't mentioned once in this interview. No "did he really booze all the time??" or something.
I rather like that.
I have a half-hour video interview that I conducted with Linda in '95. I won't feel comfortable posting it unless/until I have Linda's approval. It's in the CSULB archives that are associated with the John Fante conference that year.
Absolutely do not post it.

Heaven forbid anyone should offend the delicate sensibilities of The Widow©®™. What horrible fate would befall us, each and every one. Don your kidd gloves sir, roll your finest red carpet out across the quagmire that she may pass unsullied and unmolested!
It's incredible that Buk sued the Dutch bar owner just because the bar owner had 25 posters printed with Buk's pic on it and because he had a glass engraving of Buk on the bar door. I mean, come on, it's small potatoes. That Joan Levine sued is more understandable since it was her photo of Buk that was used. I have a hunch that it was her who got Buk to sue too.
It's incredible that Buk sued the Dutch bar owner...
I don't think he did. Not directly, anyway.

Of all the things that could have been considered "infringement" during his life, this one doesn't even appear on the radar.

I suspect, as you suggested, that Gannij/Levine just added his name to her suit.
I think you're right! It must have been her who got Buk involved in the suit one way or the other. Buk would never have noticed that a Dutch bar owner made 25 posters with his pic on, nor the glass engraving, but Levine did because she lives in Holland.

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