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I don;t think that even JamiLynne believes what he says. He is what they call a troll. His only reason for being here was to create strife. He could care less about Bukowski. It is all the fun of fucking with people. On many forums, they let this kind of assplay happen and it causes problems.
True Bill ... but even trolls need to get smacked down sometimes. And thanks Rekrab. I'm just someone who read a lot of Bukowski and, quite by coincidence, knew Linda when she was in her 20s.
I just found this thread and I think everyone realizes how important Linda was to Buk and keeping him alive, I'm not gonna read the whole thing just to see what a twit Jimmy is.

The Plough & Stars has been one of the best bars in Boston/Cambridge for a long time- that's pretty neat that Linda hung (and possibly worked) there.
Dammit, I was pretty lonely this Thanksgiving, with my Cups Of Noodles and Pepsi's, if only I'd have known this thread was going on at this time!

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