A song that represents bukowski? (1 Viewer)

Yeah, but at least his last 4-5 posts are not 10,000 word essays on why Morrissey songs represent Bukowski. He, in this thread and other threads is now all about the one or two liners. Great.
This song by Radiohead;

perhaps not every line is relevant but it has a certain feel to it that brought it to mind when i read this thread.
What the fuck are you talking about? Lay off the cough medicine, Gomer.

Should do a better job of circulating back to posts previously placed. No, not Gomer, more like Lester - as in a Lester-like NyQuil binge. TBT was a good poster here but sadly it all went to fuck do to this thread - really all I was getting at. However anyone feels, Morrissey is an amazing lyricist. Problem with TBT was he was too thin-skinned and easy dice for any roller. Forums would be boring as shit if all we did was the Rockettes two-step.

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