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Great statue! I wonder if Buk will ever get one. Not that it matters, but it would be nice...
If so, I vote for the one on the crapper....

Maybe the one from the couch scene?

No, really. Just one sitting at the typer would be very cool.



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It will take a couple generations and maybe a nuclear war before Bukowski gets any recognition, let a lone a statue, in Los Angeles. The best we can ever hope for is a star on Hollywood boulevard. ;)
Suggested location for Buk statue:

St. Mark's Place, East Greenwich Village, New York City

Now wouldn't that be a bite in the ass for all the Buk naysayers?
It makes one wonder, how many BSP signed, limited edition Buk books, donated by his fans for a single auction, would be needed to raise that $25K for a star. I'm guessing about 66 books. What's your guess and would you be a donor?

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