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Okay, we know that they were friends. I've read my copy of The Bukowski/Purdy Letters, (thank you mjp) and I'm about to re-read it.

I'm very much going to try to find his poetry, books, word, etc.
Where do I start? The Caribou Horses?

I can't really find anything very cheap on abe.
Am I looking in the wrong place?
where can I find his books?

Any ideas/input?


p.s. forgive me if this thread already exists...but if you would be so kind as to point me in the right direction.
here's a done by Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip. the poem and voice are both Purdy.
it's fairly well done.

as far as his books are concerned, if you can get a copy of Beyond Remembering cheap, go for it. it's his collected poems from 2000 and it's far better than the version from the early 90's (I think his late poems are among his best).

if you can't find that, try To Paris Never Again, Rooms for Let, or The Woman on the Shore.

I think To Paris...has the excellent poem dedicated to Buk.
Sorry for being totally off topic but I have a hard time with the Hip I know I'm supposed to like them and except for a few songs I just don't, though their New Orleans is sinking songs seems prophetic now.
How many songs can you sing about hockey?
First off, I love The Hip. But the Quinte Hotel video is disappointing even with Gord Downie.

Secondly, not sure the nature of the Purdy/Buk relationship...haven't read the letters. This quote is often presented by Purdy fans...attributed to Bukowski.

""If you want to read some decent strong human stuff without fakery I'd say Al Purdy the Canadian. . . one of the few very good poets since 1900."

Later I read an interview Purdy did. He said Bukowski was OK, but he had only one style, and Purdy seemed to brush him off...
Ya, I'll have to look up the interview I mentioned; see if there's anything else significant...I just remember that one point because it kinda surprised me...
yeah, they did have a falling out. he's a great poet though. i printed off a bunch of his poems and a few interviews. aside from his negative attitude for americans (but why can i blame him?) he seems really fucking wise.

I saw that video you're talking about and it was okay. i didnt like how he kept talking along with Al while he was reading his poem. he sort of acted it out too. just seemed kinda generic to me.

theres a site with the cbc archives and there are lots of interviews and readings from Purdy. I found like...8 poems online but thats about it.

I'm gonna try to get my hands on some of his books.
Here's the interview bit...quoting from Gary Geddes (the interviewer) from his book: 20th Century Poets and Poetics. From the summer of 1968...

Geddes asks "...and which of your contemporaries do you admire?"

Purdy mentions Robert Bly but says his style is monotonous. Then "Charles Bukowski is writing in a style in which I also write; but that's just about his only style. I hope to get out of it once in a while".

Emphasis on "only" is the author's; not mine.

Try this link for some archived audio and video...sometimes government funded media pays off...
Last year an event called the Purdy Country Literary Festival took place in Brighton, Ontario (not far from Purdy's home). Not sure what went on...

They claim to be doing it again this year - August 23rd. Sorry for lack of details...their website is inactive. (Hence, no linkage Father Luke)
Thanks for the link, Snowball! I've always wanted to see and hear Purdy since I read the Buk/Purdy letters...
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Thanks Hoochmonkey
the voice and the poem of Purdy
Good combination with the Hip
only love a few tunes
although I've tried.
Well, I really like that video, loved the
"underground sunlight"
You might enjoy Irving Layton.

A Montreal Jew, he blows away the effete Ontarian Al Purdy.


The wandering Jew
The oppressed Jew
The despised Jew
The hunted Jew
The fleeing Jew
The hated Jew
My sons:
Be none of these,
Be gunners in the
Israeli Air Force!

Al Purdy an introduction...


Thanks for the introduction...
I'm new to Purdy but have just ordered his 'works'
Hope you like this link:
I think To Paris...has the excellent poem dedicated to Buk.
This one?


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