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halfbreed apache (chiricahua apache from mescalero) here.
Apache were fierce warriors! 'Nuff respect! I have Oglala Sioux further back in my bloodline (great grandmother).

I love this country, but when I think about how it was built over the blood and bones of so many proud native ancestors (not to mention exploited and enslaved immigrants) I get angry.

I know, me and everyone else, waaah! Okay, I shut up now.
i am over here in hayward california, bill. i have checked out your site and really like what you are doing with letterpress. i have the same dream over here on the west coast. a Mano press (where i work) has three vandercooks at the moment, an sp 4, and sp 7, and a huge one whose name i forget - there's also an intertype, a couple kluges, a heidelburg, but no c&p! we sold it, but there is another one waiting in the wings, a 10 x 15, but with a bent axle. lots of hand set type, and a ludlow as well. a challenge cutter, and a palmer and rey.
I'm 44. I'm half Spanish half Italian, like the rest of the people in my country. We kindly exterminate all our indians (the true owners of this land) at the end of the 19th century.

I work at the public radio station in my country, earn U$S 6000 a year, pay U$S 285 for renting a 2 room apartment, wake at 4:30 am & walk to work and back (6 km each day) to save bus money. Best part: my shifts are only 6 hour long (from 6 to noon). The rest of the day: writing, reading, strolling the city.

I'm married, no kids, my wife earn U$S 3600 a year and work at a pasta factory, so we eat a lot of it for free.

That's me and life in Uruguay.
Ok, let's see if I can actually be truthful about being a hooker.. .

40 year old second generation hippie. Long hair & beard. MJP, you still got that huge beard?
From the time I was a little kid I wanted to be a radio DJ. Started DJing dances in 7th grade and went to broadcasting school after highschool. Spent 20 years, or should I say, wasted 20 years in the business. Now I'm a washup with only an internet radio show. It keeps me sane. I work a desk job answering phones and currently am enrolled in a piano technician course. Dig the piano. But, I've stalled out on that as I stall on everything I start to do. I just can't finish shit. It's quite insanity inducing being me.

Oh, and YEAH!
Geez, I kinda lost track of the "what do you do for a living thing" ... must have been the inverted horse and the dialogue on Gerard's schwanz and blueberry poop.

Ahem.After starting out as a bartender and freelance writer, I have worked most of my life as a marketing writer. Took a three-year hiatus in the mid-90s to live in Key West, where I worked in customer service for the garbage company by day and freelanced for three magazines and wrote poetry by night. Have lived in Raleigh for the past almost 13 years, the last eight working as a marketing writer for IBM. Mostly I like it and the pay is OK, but since I've started writing poems again there's that old problem of trying to serve two masters. I think I'm juggling it pretty well.

My bowel movements are somewhere between Purple Stickpin's and Father Luke's and while I probably am not hung like a horse, no complaints from my wife. Which is really where it's at, after all. :)
My bowel movements are . . .

We love this don't we.... we do!!!

I make Cat and Dog food in a Cannery.
Before that I worked as a Coal Miner for 23 years, Before Margaret Thatcher Ethnically cleansed us out of the economy....

I hope to retire in 5 years and read, read, read
I stopped drinking 14 months ago as it was getting too much. I now eat Icecream as Buk did! (lol)
I'm married with one Son... We lost a daughter aged 10 to Cystic Fibrosis.

I love Bukowski.... He brought me to poetry through his novels. I now love Carver, Plath, Sexton..Loads of American poets...Olds, Cummings, Millay, even....

And a few Brits - Lawrence, Hughes, Catherine Smith.

I even write poetry....shit.... but its my shit@
I have a vestigial tail (no, it doesn't stick out), my thumbs are double jointed and asparagus makes my pee smell funny. Bowel movements are regular with the aid of copious amounts of coffee. My ankles itch when the weather is cool and dry.

2 kids (today is the older one's 8th birthday... yer all invited to the party on Saturday for cake and ice cream), married (barely).

Don't drink much anymore but have recently started smoking weed a little bit after several years of abstinence (Doctor's orders... no, really, true story).

I look younger than, but feel older than my age (50... urk).

Words to live by: a clean asshole is a happy asshole.

The rest is on a need-to-know basis, and you probably don't need to know. For that matter, you probably don't want to know either.
I started out as a bartender too, Harry, tending and managing a li'l dump in Marysville, CA, called The Alibi, worked my way back to L.A. around '82, did a five-year stint as a stage manager at Hollywood Center Studios (worked on some terrific films like "Misery" and "Scrooged" and "Throw Mama From the Train"), was a director of development for a low-budget film producer for a year then said producer died and I took a couple of gigs writing docs for PBS, then snaked my way into writing porn for way too many years ... used adult magazines as a steppingstone to getting out of porn (you'd be surprised by how good a credential a by-line or two in Hustler actually is), then began the indie mag and trade mag writing circuit until the dot com bust and 9/11 changed the landscape for magazine publishers ...

... so back into porn for a short spell but by that time the adult film and video market had really changed. The cable market had relaxed their standards and were buying softcore cuts of wall-to-wall/gonzo movies. Actual stories were no longer required.

Fell horribly ill and landed on Social Security Disability in 2001 ... made one year's salary selling two stories to The National Enquirer, became a features writer for the trade mags X Biz World and AVN, capitalized on the success of "Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes" with my book about the Wonderland murders, "Long Time Money and Lots of Cocaine", managed to get by on those sales for about a year and a half and then the bottom dropped out in late '06 and I ended up back in my hometown of San Francisco for a year. That didn't really work out, except for the Kerouac show I wrote and produced for Vesuvio and The Beat Museum and, of course, I made some great friends at City Lights Books.

Now I'm living in sunny Las Vegas, writing book reviews and a book column for Pop Matters, radio shows for Roy Orbison Radio, penning daily pieces for my Carver's Dog blog, and launching Trace Publications with "Mr. Bukowski's Wild Ride."

I left a lot of shit out. That's the thumbnail sketch.

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