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I have been contemplating moving there to persue my film acting dream. We all know a dream only turns into reality when take steps toward it.

I was wondering if it would be totally impossible to live in L.A. without a car. Also, I was out in L.A. once for two weeks a decade ago. I stayed at the Old Garfield on Western and Hollywood blvd. It would have been fine if I wouldn't have been using drugs, and my window wasn't on the second floor facing an alley. The alley wasn't the problem, the Mexican bar the kept the back door open with the Latino Music blaring till 3.a.m.

Where would be a cheap, good local to be to persue the acting?
From LA

No one has responded to your question, so I thought I'd take a crack at it, and I'm assuming that you want a straight answer... I was born at Queen of Angels in downtown LA and later lived in Silver Lake near Hollywood Blvd. and Western Ave. for almost 20 years. In all honesty, I would have found it virtually impossible to rely on public transportation to go just about anywhere on an efficient, reliable basis. If one were living in the Hollywood area and needed to go all the way to West LA or the Santa Monica"”where much of the entertainment industry is located"”then to get to a specific address there, one would have to leave way, way in advance of any appointment. Add in all the classes, studies, trips to agents (if one is lucky to get one, rather than be sucked into the porno industry...), going to the job itself, possible auditions in this very demanding profession full of disappointments and frequent rejections, one could not do that without great inconvenience"”the distances are great and even buses get log-jammed in the usual traffic congestion. Because of its urban sprawl, while there have been some improvements over the years, LA still has one of worst public transportations systems of any major city because of its immensity, and it's not like say, New York, where one can navigate without a car. One would have to be totally committed, completely focused, with consistent drive and ambition, physically healthy (no back problems), positive and unrelentingly enthusiastic, in my view, to overcome such obstacles, especially if it would also mean uprooting one's marriage or family and then live from pillar to post for quite possibly years, in order to hang in there long enough to see if one gets lucky. There is sometimes work, however, as a movie extra, but that's a far cry from developing one's talent as an actual performer, where the decent money is, and all the reading and memorization demands that are taken for granted by those in the real industry... Sorry for perhaps putting a damper on things, but that's the way I see it and maybe others can see a brighter side to getting around in LA. "”Poptop.
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I have been contemplating moving there to persue my film acting dream.
You really shouldn't. Stay at Northern Michigan University and play the lottery. You'll get the same results.

Unless you're talking about porn "acting" and you have some special talents in that area. Then, by all means, there are probably many jobs waiting for you here.

Otherwise, no. Stay home.

Fuck That! I'm gonna be 37 in march and I'm a big optimist. Sammy Hagar didn't join Van Halen until he was 38.

Yous guys, and gals who live in L.A. are Jaded. It is a bitch, but my shit is strong. Sorry to sound so jailhouse but I have a brother in the pen right now as we speak.
Sammy Hagar didn't join Van Halen until he was 38.
And for 20 years before that, he was in other groups and made records as a solo artist. And he sucks. Bad analogy.

I'm not jaded, I'm trying to give you reasonable advice. You're asking about moving to Los Angeles to become a film actor (as opposed to an actor), which is fucking weird anyway, so you have to deal with the answers/opinions.

I say stay away because I don't want to pay for your hepatitis treatments at the county hospital or hand you my change in front of the 7-11. We have enough of those guys already, and besides, I may need that spot in front of the 7-11 soon, so stay where you are.
No, I think he should completely ignore the advice of two [at least] reasonably intelligent people who have lived in LA for any length of time (after having asked about it) and do what he was planning on doing anyways.
I say go for it futureactor

What do these hacks know!?

No, no, I take that back...

...after re-rereading your posts I've decided that since you seem (or at least hint at) being partial to the Sammy Hagar years of Van Halen and not the more obviously rockin David Lee Roth years, than you probably lack the depth required to thrive as an actorrr, or at least one with any true street cred
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you wil notice that mr. futureactor is no longer a member of this forum. May be a future actor, but not a future Buk forum member.

Good riddance, I say...

in Hollywood,CA

there are three people here:

1) The dude who NEEDS to get the fuck out
2) The dude who's too cool for school
3) The survivor who remains humble amid his success

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