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this is marcus grapes or jack grapes or marcus j grapes. you can get bukowski in the magazine i publish ONTHEBUS, just go to www.bombshelterpress.com, and info about me at www.methodwriting.com

yeah, i started writing to bukowski when i was 19, through jon webb who published the outsider in the french quarter and i met him and he published my poetry and told me to write buk and i did and we kept up a correspondance for 40 years until he died, and this was before anybody had ever heard of him and i'm working on a book about him to be titled THE TENDER AGONIES OF CHARLES BUKOWSKI, a phrase from one of his poems, and yeah, he was an influence on my early work, etc. My son sent me this link, so that's how i discovered this. I'll be back. jack
I saw "JACK GRAPES" and thought could it be THE Jack Grapes from way back in L. A., and it is! Welcome Jack! I bet you have some stories to tell.
Welcome Jack! I bet you have some stories to tell.
rekrab, don't know who you are, but if we read together in l.a., we musta had fun. listen, i don't usually post messages to these kind of things. i'm just a goofus when it comes to this. i tried putting in a picture of me instead of that default image, but as usual, these computer things are like highschool girlfriends, whatever they tell you, it's wrong, whatever you do, it's wrong, you end up with your fingers caught in the car door and your face scrunched up on the exhaust pipe. So anyway, seems like I'm doing this anyway. Yeah, I got stories to tell, but most of the books on bukowski that I've run across are stories, and while I tell a few in the book, I'm less interested in all that gossip shit and more interested in discussing his work with the kind of respect most academics fail to give him credit for. So I come at his work from a more lit-crit perspective, not a he spilled beer on me and i vomited on the floor kinda stuff. I've lectured on Bukowski at several universities and other places, and most people admit they've never heard that academic perspective before, someone taking his work seriously, just as we'd take T.S. Eliot or Ezra Pound, poets Bukowski probably hated. But Buk should get his due. From a place of love, for what he did for me when I was young in the way of influence, for his lasting friendship over the years and his always treating me with more respect than he gave most people, I'm writing this book, to honor not so much the man, but his poetry.
am i supposed to sign my name these posts?
okay, just to play it safe,
Hi Jack. I'm David Barker from Long Beach. I don't know if you'll remember me or not. I think we did read together once or twice. Anyway, even if we didn't, I read your books back then (early 1970s) and dug them. Your approach to writing about Bukowski sounds good.

The computers are designed to drive you nuts with frustration. You know it's intentional because every software "upgrade" is harder to use, less user friendly, than the last. The good thing is, you don't have to put up with any of it very long before it all quickly breaks or gets replaced by something new. Good to see you here.
Welcome Jack. Critical approach, Yeah! I know you're still in the process of writing, but could you tell us more about your lectures on Bukowski? Critical approaches to his work are still so rare that I"m really curious.

By the way, Mjp said you were the one who gave the idea of writing a journal to Bukowski. Many THANKS for that, I'm reading it and enjoying it a lot!
Mjp said you were the one who gave the idea of writing a journal to Bukowski.
When ONTHEBUS first started running the journal entries they were so unusual that I wrote to Jack and asked him if it was his idea. It didn't seem to me like something Bukowski would have started doing on his own. He confirmed that it was his idea.

You might have read or heard John Martin taking credit for the idea in interviews, but he had nothing to do with it. For the record, and just to keep things, you know, factual.
That might be true, but if I'm not mistaken Onthebus published the first journal entry (dated 9/11/91) in issue #10, but another little magazine published a previous journal entry (the one dated 8/29/91) before Onthebus #10 came out. Now, since there's usually a lag between acceptance and publication, the date of publication is not usually a good indicator to date a given contribution. But B. did date journal entries and the 8/29/91 preceded the 9/11/91 one by almost two weeks.
I personally find it odd that Grapes suggested B. that he write journal entries for Onthebus, B. agreed and then he sent the first journal entry to another magazine.
Also, it should be mentioned that OTB is a substantial production, perfect bound and all. That would take longer to get to press than a stapled chap-like magazine. Was OTB always the same format, or were the early issues thinner?

What I'm getting at is that Buk could have sent the first entries to Jack and then a month later sent to someone else, and they could still have published before Jack did....
You're completely right, Bill. The lag between submission and publication could explain that if we just take into account the publication dates.

Creation date is an altogether different matter. The date of the journal entry B. sent to a college journal predated by almost two weeks the date of the first journal entry published in Onthebus. You could argue that B. was unhappy with the first one and sent it to a shitty journal and then he sent the next one to Grapes. Perhaps that was the case, but I still find it odd that he would not send the first journal entry to Grapes.

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