Become coproducer of a short film about Hank

@ mjp (not to all guys here) :
I do not understand the great Buk as you do (maybe it's coz I'm French) but you know what ? I just don't give a fuck
Don't listen to solo, Rekrab, he's just being a party pooper. It's a charming, heartwarming tale of human endeavor and achievement.
I'd like to add it's wonderful


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(maybe it's coz I'm French)
Oh, don't be so hard on yourself. I suspect being French has nothing to do with it.

Your punk rock "I just don't give a fuck" attitude is very refreshing. One hardly ever sees that. And your blazer and beard - they too say, "I don't give a fuck!"

Well, they really say, "I give a fuck a little bit, but not much!" Or, "I wish I didn't give a fuck, but obviously, I do."

In any event, who says that Americans and Frenchmen can't get along! Look at us. We're like brothers.


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I know it'll come up at a party, and I'll draw a blank; I won't know how to react. But first, I have to be invited to a party (rare these days...but I'm not fishing for invitations), and then I have to get over my agoraphobia and actually leave the house and go to the party, and then someone will make a knowing reference to Pink Flamingos and I'll be the only one there who doesn't get it.
Too bad.
It says, your video contains music, to which SME has the rights and therefore I can't watch it in Germany.

He came to the Pyongyang Film Fest to display his "talents" (as you know the French adore us). I watched his small "film." He is currently in work camp #42. Hahahaha!!!!!
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I'm so sorry it's so stupid I never came back here again. I lought a lot, seeing the messages about the fact I was dead or maybe living in Pyongyang. I'm sorry if I disappointed you. I apologize, sincerely. You can see the short film we made here :

We made it with our heart, hoping this film would be shown in a lot of festivals. It didn't happen. We worked on other projects. I was truly sad that the film had no success, because I believe it's a good film. I hope the community of fans of Bukowski will have the same feeling. We're proud of this film, and hope the fans of Bukowski won't hate us. Let us know.
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That makes two of us.

Is there a web site where I can pledge money to ensure that you abandon this and go ruin someone else's work? I'd be glad to do that.

Yat-il un site Web à je peux l'argent engageons à vous assurer que vous abandonner cette ruine et aller de quelqu'un d'autre travail? Je serais heureux de le faire.

I just want you to know that I just found this website and have been lurking it for the past week and joined only to be able to publicly applaud this comment.
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