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You guys are fixated on Nurse Ratched. It's because Nurses are always hot.
Johannes and Faramir - takes all sorts... and they're raving nymphos too; with a bit of luck.:wb:

Yes it is. Nurse Ratched didn't like that at all.I remember the scene when Ratched made Billy to commit suicide.
Yes and I don't know why they left out the suicide of Cheswick in the film.The t.v scene is great, the patients for the first time stop being passive and safe and risk her wrath, it's so important in both the book and film,her power is under threat, it is the beginning of the end. Even with the terrible circumstances that occur, you see at the end of the film that her hold over them is diminished.She is broken.

Thing is though, I remember my placement in a psychiatric hospital (as a student nurse I should add) and almost to a fault, the psychie staff nurses and students all fancied themselves as lone rangers on the highway of anti-establishment, possibly as a result of that book/film,it was the eighties by this time though. But it was extremeley conformist and instituitionalised. The attempts were there to mimic life on the outside, but it was a horrible weird bad dream.The irony is everyone applauded the film, but when the decision to close those huge asylums took place, people were yelling about nutters running loose in the community. What a capacity for hypocricy.
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I once read that Kubrick insisted on typing every single sentence of these himself. For whatever reasons.

OT: This is an important movie. In movie history. You don't simply find something like this by looking up "nurse scene" in Youtube.

Very noble research Johannes!:eek: :D.
I've read, that every single page you see on the table was typed, think he may have got someone else to do it though. He didn't want a blank page to show up as she rifled through the manuscript.

Was going to say guess the band playing, but perhaps there's too much of a clue I think?
Have seen Solaris and Stalker, (didn't like the remake of Solaris with George Clooney though) need to get round to his other films, not easy, but beautiful dark, dreamy unreal/real places:
I forget if you read French, Andreas. If you do, a French version would be better since the jargon used in the book is quite peculiar and would be hard to translate. Still, an amazing book.
My French language skills are not only poor, they are simply nonexistent, so I have to settle for a German translation (Der Schaum der Tage). The reviews are still excellent, which gives me hope that some of the peculiarity of the original did not get lost.
This film is where Tarantino got the inspiration to make his own version, but I much prefer the original. The diversity of characters, the acting and the dialogue in the original film's screenplay is (excuse my Australian-English) FUCKING ACE!!!! ;-)
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