Best Small Presses for Poetry? For Fiction? For Non-Fiction? (1 Viewer)

Which small presses do you look to when looking for a new read?

What is it that makes a great small press?
Talk about lobbing a grenade into a flock of birds (while they are simultaneously pooping on all of our cars, no less). Hosh, why would you ask this? We have several small press "executives" here and I don't see why anyone would flag or praise one over the other. I do believe that I've ordered from and/or supported all of them, with nothing but satisfaction.


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I don't even know what the "small press" is anymore. It's changed so dramatically in the past 20 years. Maybe it needs a new name - to appeal to a new generation. Like the Artisanal Press or something. This guy is interesting. And of course all of the other Artisan Presses. Anyone who puts ink to paper is still worth watching.

I don't see why anyone would flag or praise one over the other.

With new folks popping in everyday, I was actually just curious if some new small presses had landed on anyone's radar lately. It wasn't supposed to be a competition. I was especially curious about small presses who put out solid non-fiction and figured if anyone would know, it would be someone here -- as there are so many who routinely support lots of great small presses.

Suppose I was foolish to ask for the "best" anything.

And like many other mistakes I've made, having a list of links to check out -- all gathered in one thread -- sounded like a good idea at the time...

I stand corrected.
Indeed sorry if I came across as chastising in any way. I suppose I did; that and as a patronizing, politically-correct asshole. However, I will bet that there are some newer ones that haven't crossed our RADAR, so how about this:

Below is a modest list of small press publishers with whom I am familiar (listed alphabetically). Anyone have any to add to the list in terms of the quality of their output?

Beat Scene
Bottle of Smoke Press
Chance Press
Pig Ear Press
Propaganda Press
Rhumba Train Press
Sun Dog Press
Tangerine Press

(And I'll bet I left out a key one or two and violated my own prime directive.)

I have some great books from:

Artistically Declined Press
Centennial Press
Featherproof books
Future Tense Press
Interior Noise Press
Kilmog Press (if they're still up and running...)
Nerve Cowboy's Press
Low Ghost Press
Six Gallery Press
Wrecking Ball Press


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Wrecking Ball Press
I didn't know Wrecking Ball is a small press.
They published one of the better books on Bukowski by Jules Smith.
Also contains drawings by David Hernandez and a preface by Gerald Locklin.

I recently obtained a full run of the Buk Gesellschaft Jahrbuch, of which the Smith book was the 2002 entry. Worth seeking out. I don't know if roni has any more of those, but the Jahrbuchs are certainly available and are fine little gems in their own right.
@Hosh cool list of presses: Interior Noise and Nerve Cowboy are both goodies! Am familiar with all the ones on Purple's list, but not so much on yours...gonna check 'em out.

Been on a kick reading books from Two Dollar Radio recently. They have guts -- really look for different work. If you're looking for a book to start with: There's McClanahan's Crapalachia, a good bar book called Damacus, and I Smile Back is about a woman (a wife and mother) blowing up her domestic life with drugs and affairs -- recently made into a film staring Sarah Silverman.

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