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A friend of mine is a regular listener of this show & she knew I liked Bukowski so she sent it my way. I cannot get into the over the top radio jock skits so I thought I'd post it here to see what others thought. Seems pretty unanimous, that it is indeed lame. haha
I thought it was pretty genuis. Jelloems? I think it speaks to Bukowski's sense of absurdity in a way that is otherwise really hard to capture. While he might not jell with the exact wording (certainly these wouldn't appear in Ham on Rye), I think it does speak to the general conditions that he addressed. And who better to ape the meme than another icon of the era, Bill Cosby? I love it!
You seem a little defensive, tiger. Ease up. I can see that you think we're idiots, but you're not very good at this. You used your very first post to defend/analyze something that is utterly insignificant, and now you're offended that someone would point out the obvious fact that you are somehow related to the painfully unfunny little nugget of shit.

But you did make me laugh when you called it genius. See, that was funny, so you're on to something there. You should workshop that with your hilarious friends and develop it into one of your little internet skits.
i didn't watch the youtube video, but i've heard the BCB bit on comedy death ray before, and i thought it was funny. not so much for it lampooning bill cosby or bukowski (or for the elegant coinage of "jelloem"), but more for the absurdity of the character paired with scott auckerman's straight man. i don't know how funny it would be on its own, but it made for a good radio bit, in my opinion. genius might be a stretch.

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