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You can't tell me people aren't doing shit like this on purpose, just to goof on the entire Internet (or at least the tumblr imbeciles)...


The origin was tumbr anyway, but this was found on Google+.
Well, the mis-attribution machinery functions so well, that fuck it, let's just let them live in fog. Nothing can stop
laziness of thought in these quote-whores.
If you're going to try go, all the way...
Why, that's my second favo(u)rite Bukowski quote. Right after "No matter which way you turn, your ass is always behind you."

From "Women".

The movie.
technically it is not improper to quote from a movie.
of course, they made the mistake to not tell so and certainly didn't do it the MLA-style, but I've seen much worse source-attributions in the web and in print.

But I do get your point , so let's not start discussing this.

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