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Buk 7" and Beatscene mag... (1 Viewer)

Hello all,
I'm assuming this may already be common knowledge (although my thread searches came up blank), but I've just bought a 7" flexidisc of two Buk poems (Love&fame&death and I've always had trouble with money) on Ebay, and discovered that the seller was from the magazine that originally had the record pressed - I obviously went onto the website and theres a few books and things for sale on their site (as well as copies of the record), as well as magazines with Buk features and front covers, so I thought I'd share just in case they've been overlooked.

The mag is a British one called Beatscene (and I know most of us arent that keen on Buk being labelled a 'beat', but hey, anythings worth looking at right?)
Kevin Ring is a member of this forum and has published some really great stuff. On the Buk front, also check out "Lou Jon and Me" by Jon Edgar Webb, Jr. Kevin Ring also published Jaggernaut by Bukowski in 1995.

I bought beat scene #42 a few weeks ago. Great special about Loujon press.

In this issue they also have a nice article/interview with Tom Clark, he is published by Black Sparrow. Bukowski liked his poems.

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