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Hey folks, clearing out the roofspace and found an old VHS featuring some British TV programmes on Buk.

The gem is a 75 or so min doc made by the BBC in 1995 for the Bookmark series called:

"Ordinary Madness of Charles Bukowski 1995

Profile of writer Charles Bukowski, includes extracts from a set of interviews that Bukowski did with Schroeder during the 1980's and comments from friends, colleagues and drinking partners"

The quality is not great, watchable... I'll edit a 3 / 4 min segment and post to judge for yourselves; Gonna convert to DVD anyone interested? Can do copiescost you $3.50 plus $4.00 to US & ROW $3.25 Europe and $1.75 UK and Ireland (NOT looking to make anything on this just cover hassle and cost) Please state if you want it NTSC - PAL or plain AVI. Will add other watchable stuff..from the video. Let me know if interested....

BilkoJoe: I would very much like to buy a copy! - I believe we use PAL here in Europe and NTSC in America, so it should be in PAL...
OK Folks extracted demos this far. Got the BBC out, there's a Norwegian doc 20 mins or so; mostly in English but with norge subtitles (no sound in my sample) . A piece on Barfly - Writing when drunk and a really good Arena doc on Kerouac... might be more thats as far as i got - I'll post links later today...
Gonna give this tape to a professonal video transfer joint see if they can improve on the quality.

On the original VHS Chinaski, its yours for the price of postage when i'm done....
honestly, the copy I have is way better. Far from DVD quality, but those white annoying bands from the VHS are nowhere to be seen.

of course, my copy has an annoying logo all the way through ;)
Very interesting, never seen the Norgwegian footage. The balcony conversation is from the Belgian interview.
Looks promising. This version is far better than the one on GoogleVideo. It's not perfect but it's ok! I noticed that sound and picture was not in sync. I hope that will be fixed on the finished version...
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interesting stuff. am i right BilkoJoe, that you're here in the UK and this is a PAL tape. In which case, it probably won't play on a US VCR HenryChinaski.

Keep us posted. interesting stuff alright.

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