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Does anyone know when his grandfather, Leonard Bukowski, died?
I think it's between 1920-1930, but without contacting Howard Sounes, I have no idea how to find out more.


we may have one person here who has more info than Sounes.

He is in a different time zone, so you may have to wait a few hours for the info...
Thanks! That gives me a chance to update my projected dates to be between 1926 and 1930. I found Leonard Bukowski living in Alta Dena in 1926, so he made it that far. Then the 1930 census shows Emily Bukowski as a widow.


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Funny: the Pasadena Post referred to Emily Buokowski as "Emilie" in a 1931 obituary for Benjamin L. Bukowski, one of Bukowski's uncles.

The cemetery is about 5 minutes away from where I work. I might have to go over there one day and see where all the Bukowski's are planted.

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