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I am an avid Buk reader but i also have trouble retaining information and a bad memory to boot, I'm looking for some help here..Whether he is discussing missed opportunity or those taken advantage of I would like to know any poems or quotes where he touches upon the topic. Even if he is revealing his point through metaphor I am interested in his thought on missed opportunities, and how they grow out of reach shortly after. Even like a one door closes but another one opens up type of thing.

The reason for my inquiry is that i'm getting a tattoo soon, as i've mentioned in a different post, and i'd like to try and incorporate a Buk line if suitable. I'm getting roses, some red, some black, and some colorless to signify the idea of missed opportunity. As roses bloom and bud they are beautiful and prime for picking but if you do not reach them in time they soon die out, losing their color and significance; as does opportunity in some sense. So if you guys can post some Buk poems or quotes that you consider to be suitable or relatable to the vision of my idea it would be greatly appreciated.
oh, yes

there are worse things than
being alone
but it often takes decades
to realize this
and most often
when you do
it's too late
and there's nothing worse
too late.
trying to make it (from "you get so alone")

new jock in from arizona
doesn't know this town
but his agent did get him a mount
in the first race
last Saturday
and the jock took the freeway
on the same day as
the USC vs UCLA football
and got caught
in one of the two special lanes
which took him to the Rose Bowl
instead of the race
he was forced to drive all the way
to the football game
parking lot
before he could turn
by the time he got to the track
the first race
was over.
another jock had won with his
lol but i stand by my choice.

"another jock had won with his mount" and "by the time he got to the track the race was over" are both pretty a propos

as an aside do i need to pay royalties to the estate for citing bukowski at lenght?

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