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Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
Happy Birthday!

A message for Bukowski from beyond the grave: (sure, its lame, but jump to 40secs)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Charles Bukowski has left the building....
Something totally weird about this. I've been collecting Bukowski's books for a few weeks not, cherishing the feel of some of them just today.
Harper-Collins are celebrating Buk's 93rd birthday by creating a site called http://www.happybirthdaybukowski.com/ where they sell eight of Buk's novels as digital audio books, plus Buk E-books at a discount. I guess they don't miss a chance to sell some more Buk books. :wb:

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Thanks, for the warning! I have'nt got any of them and now I probably never will.
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You can listen to samples, Bukfan. The voice is so wrong, sounds like a traveling salesman.
Having heard the original slurring and sneering, it is difficult to like anything else. :DD
Thanks, Black Swan! I'll listen to a sample and see if I can stand it. Thank God, Buk made so many audio and video recordings that we don't have to listen to other people reciting his works.
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Stanton read at one of the Huntington things. Maybe he was off his game (or he's better when they can cut and start again), but it wasn't that impressive.
Well, he's 87 now so he was what, 85 then? Born Into This was released in 2003 so lets guess that reading was filmed around 2000, he would (only) be about 74. Practically a spring chicken!

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