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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
I couldn't find a thread on Bukowski's handwriting, so posting this note here. I bought some things from Seamus Cooney a long while back and he threw this in the box. It looks like Cooney was visiting and Bukowski posted the note on his front door for him.

I thought this may help with inscriptions, etc.





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There aren't a ton of longhand samples of Bukowski's writing out there, but I think the note you've posted was written by someone else. Bukowski's longhand was more...round? Loopy? Anyway, doesn't look like the same hand wrote the Cooney note.




To me, this looks like it was written with the paper on a soft, uneven surface. Like he had held the paper on his lap while writing on it.
It doesn't look like anything of his handwriting I've seen before.

doesn't look like the same hand
that was my first thought too. But handwritings change over decades. So maybe - with a big bunch of huge question-marks. But, yeah, still I'm not convinced either.

But even if it was written by him, I doubt we could use it as a reference for my above mentioned reason.

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
I didn't post this because I wasn't sure it was authentic or not. It's not worth anything. I have no idea why he threw it in the box, but I didn't pay Seamus for it. Having said that, why would it be fake? There's no motive here.

I have always thought this was Bukowski first thing in the morning trying to cope with reality with a piece of paper and an unsharpened pencil from the track. I think the letter B at the end is as genuine as it gets.

But then again, this isn't worth shit, so I don't really want to argue about it. Even it it was worth shit, I don't want to argue about it. I was just posting for posterity.

Having said that, much love MJP and Big Ronnie --thanks for bothering to respond at all.



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You shouldn't hesitate to post anything.

I wasn't saying it was fake. My first thought was whatever woman was around (there's no date) probably wrote it. It doesn't look like Linda King's writing, or Pam's. I'd say try comparing it to Frances...

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Thanks MJP. I totally agree it's odd. I don't believe the same person who wrote Seamus Cooney on the front is the same person who wrote the inside. It's way too clean. Just another day on De Longpre Ave. I guess. Thanks again.
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