Bukowski Merchandise

So I just thought that I'd really like a Bukowski T-shirt. I thought a white shirt that says "Don't try" around the chest area in black typewriter font would be pretty fucking cool. Something to parade my appreciation of Bukowski around the streets without having his face plastered all over my torso (not that I don't think it's a beautiful face, but I'd really prefer something more subtle). I'm planning to go for it and design it myself and take it to a place where they make custom shirts, but I'm kind of afraid it they will print it badly on a shitty fabric that won't last long (specially since I live in a place with very warm and humid weather).

I guess I'll figure it out, but this got me thinking if any of you here have any custom-made Bukowski merchandise, either just for yourself or for sale?
I bought a custom t-shirt that lasted me for almost a decade. Brown, with an illustration of the picture where he's standing in the kitchen from those sessions where he's lifting weights. Very few people told me it was cool, but I remember the faces my Literature teacher made the first time he saw me wearing it. It was pure hatred and disgust.

I have one in my sight with this very picture:

Hahaha, this one's epic. Looks like he's running for president.

If you’re going to make a Bukowski fashion choice, I highly recommend this elegant beauty. You may accessorize as you choose.
The forearm merkins and “Funny old-timey beertender stache”and “look at me” suspenders are available for purchase separately.
I like this one. I could do without the suspenders, though.
Nice models! What happened with the shop?

I've always wondered why there's no official Bukowski merchandise like beer, coasters, typewriter dust covers... and who'd get a piece of the action there: Family or editor?