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As written to Gerald Locklin. Appeared in Home Planet News, Issue #14, Winter 1982-83.

Interesting comments on the Wormwood Review and posthumous books.


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The Tale of Leonard vs Hearns

Thanks for sharing, mdr!

Buk looked forward to this fight:

I roared when I saw 'Jobs for Poets' :) ... Thanks for posting Bukowski kicking back and relaxing in S/Pedro - loved every word of it.

Thanks Ponder for the great boxing vids.
"Maybe only three of them would be good"

That sentence rang a bell. I knew I've read it before somewhere, so I looked for it in the letter books and found the letter in "Reach For The Sun", page 28.
The first 10 lines are missing in "Home Planet News", but otherwise they're identical.
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Great read for sure. I found it interesting Buk was looking forward to that fight. Not sure why, but maybe because I remember that fight so vividly. I was probably about 7 years old, but my dad was a huge Hearns fan, so I became one. That fight and Hearns-Haggler, where Hearns got knocked out in the 3rd round, maybe my two fave fights of all time.

Also hilarious when Buk says Duran was a fat man. Haha, "no mas, no mas."
that was great about the leonard-hearns fight! i saw that live back then and his analysis was right on. leonard got kicked by the mule but out-gutted him in the end. love that he was a fight fan and knew his shit. thanks mdr

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