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Pogue Mahone just caused me to bust out loud laughing like he done so many times before. If Philly Dave brings the cheesesteaks then I'll bring the soft pretzels and Tastykakes.

Or not.

6539 De Longpre sounds like it would be close to 5124, but it's really a couple of miles west.

I have a Bukowski house for sale too, cheap. He never slept in it. Hell, he was never in it at all but he did live in Philadelphia for a while. I also have a Bukowski beer can he never drank from, a Bukowski cig butt he never smoked and I'll throw in a free pic of me drinking in a bar he used to go to.
Maybe our friend Jeff sold his investment property. Or he's handed off management to someone who speaks English as a second or third language...

Charles Bukowski's childhood home: Fully Furnished - All Utilities included - Monthly or week by week LEASE accessible - Gorgeously remodeled in Mid-City Los Angeles, worked in 1925 and flawlessly revamped. Exquisitely designated spaces with reestablished unique components. Lived in by writer and artistic monster Charles Bukowski amid his youth, this house is specified in a few of the writer's lyrics and books and included in documentaries on his life. This three room, two-washroom single-family home offers a roomy open floor arrange with a substantial living and lounge area. Lead yourself into the gourmet specialist's kitchen, reestablished affectionately in view of the first period and ideal for engaging your visitors. Take some peaceful time in the 400 sq. ft. ace suite with a really extravagant restroom: twofold vanity and shoulder profundity splashing tub. Inside 15 minutes of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, DTLA, WEHO and Culver City.
I thought $7510 a month was a bit of an insane price to rent a small house next to the freeway, but that was before I knew there was a shoulder profundity splashing tub.
"do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers" It's almost as if he's asking me to contact him with unsolicited offers. Hmmm...
They've rewritten the Craigslist ad and removed "artistic monster." He's now a "fictional giant." And the formerly "extravagant restroom" is now a "magnificent toilet."

Charles Bukowski's youth house: Fully Appointed - All Resources involved - regular or Regular RENT accessible - Beautifully renovated in Mid City Los Angeles, renovated and built-in 1925. Elegantly appointed areas with unique functions that were renewed. Existed in fictional giant Charles Bukowski and by poet during his youth, this home is described in a number of of books and the writer's verses and highlighted in documentaries on his life. This three-bedroom, two-toilet simple-home provides a large open-floor plan having dining area and a big dwelling. Ideal for engaging and direct oneself in to the cook's home, repaired carefully using the unique period in your mind your visitors. Grab some peace and quiet within the 400 sq. ft. grasp suite with really a magnificent toilet: dual neck and mirror level soaking bath. Within fifteen minutes of Beverly Hills Santa Monica, DTLA, WEHO.

The continued mangling puts me in mind of something else...
Who does´nt want a magnificent toilet now that extravagant restroom is out of the question. Anyway, I´m glad Buk is no longer an artistic monster whatever that is. Hopefully, they weren't hinting at his acne scars. :D
they should show that segment to people looking at it - "here's where the famous author was beaten with a razor strop by his father", and "here's where he vomited on the carpet and punched his father in the face" etc
Hahaha and "Here's the closet he hid when Baldy and Jim came lookin' for him."

Personally, one of the saddest moments from that novel. I still remember tearing up reading that.
I haven’t had the privilege. This thread was a hum-dinger, though.

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