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So are things like this legal? I mean in any search for Bukowski merchandise, beyond books, I always wonder. I believe on this site, it's just people throwing images and quotes on shirts via adobe photo shop. Who knows what the profit is, but from looking at the shirts, probably not a whole lot of profit. I just wondered if someone from the Buk legal team would be against this type of thing?

Any thoughts?
Nope. it is all illegal most of the time. If the estate decided to sue, the person doing this could find themselves owing millions to the estate. I do not see that happening, but to answer your question, using a quote from Bukowski and a photo of him is usually illegal.

LA GOT KULCHUR: NY Times onBuk Cafe Wa s on Vine St.

This was in Sunday's NY Times: "In Hollywood, Lace and Velvet Along with Bukowski and Liszt." If any of you are near Vine St, you can check out the "(Charles) Bukowski Lounge, its walls haphazardly papered with pages from his novels."
Who said L.A. don't got no kulchur?


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They're making t-shirts with bukowski quotes on them and thet's the best they could do?! I don't hate people, I just feel better when they're not around"and " never get out of bed before noon". I guess they're marketing to a certain crowd...

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