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There was a question about Bukowski in this evening's TV Slagalica*:

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("Henry Chinaski, the main character of the movie "Barfly," is an alter ego of which German-American writer?")
The guy on the left got it. Watch it from 15 min 14 sec:

*TV Slagalica is the most popular quiz show in Serbia, broadcast on RTS (Radio Television of Serbia) each evening before the prime time news at 7:30 p.m. since 1993.
Watch it from 15 min 14 sec:
Please: Everybody go see the video-part. [only ca 10 secs anyway]

The guy to the right [look at him first!] - after the question - makes a face that says: "What are you asking here? Why not something about Fifty-Shades-of-Grey?"
The other guy (Boris?) makes no face at all. Being asked, he simply names our man without spectacle, but obviously - should I say "annoyed" or even "disgusted"? - by the ignorance of the other guy.
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I've now been trying to find a former post [long ago] of mine about a Bukowski-question in a German quiz, but couldn't find. Not even sure if I ever posted it here.
Being pretty sure that I made a screenshot back then, I looked through an old external hard-drive: to no result.
Maybe, just maybe, I'll search further.

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