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Usually wrong.
Am I the only one who thinks this sounds vaguely familiar? Possibly inspired by the Factotum film?

"David Duchovny to star in Showtime series. The actor, whose last regular TV gig was The X-Files, will be the lead in the cable net's new comedy, which is expected to debut this summer (paired with new episodes of Weeds). Duchovny's character, divorced writer Hank Moody, is addicted to women and has complicated relationships with two ladies he loves: his 16-year-old daughter and his ex-girlfriend (Natascha McElhone)." from: http://duchovny.net/index.php

and another:

"David Duchovny, who starred as special agent Fox Mulder in "The X-Files," will return to television in a new Showtime comedy about a self-destructive writer. The 46-year-old actor will play Hank, a novelist whose "obsession with truth-telling and self-destructive behavior - drinks, drugs and relationships - are both destroying and enriching his career," the cable network announced Thursday" from: http://www.celebritymound.com/index.php?cat=317
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It would be odd if it wasn't inspired by Buk, at least in part. They even call him Hank. It sounds more than vaguely familiar! - "Bukowski as a comedy show. Why not, there's money in it. Let's hurry, while people remember Factotum..."
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Yeah - that's quite a "coincidence"...

possibly a factotum/ask the dust inspired rip-off
have to see for myself if
they can nail the language, though...
"Hank Moody", simply by choosing this name, they show tremendous lack of spirit.

The x-files...maybe the mainCharacter will be hunted by the fbiAgents, dressed as postal workers.
"The scheme,i got to overcome the scheme..."
I remember a chapter in "the captain is out to lunch.." in which Bukowski
got an offer to write the script for a comedy TV show but he canceled it
in the end.
Will it now be come true?
Hank Moody? seriously? that reminds me of the family guy episode when Brian gets mad that his coworker sold a script in which the main character's name is "John Everyman."

Unfortunately, I bet the show is funny if you can ignore the bukowski rip-off. I can imagine Duchovny being good in that role.
It'll be interesting to see just how far they go in appropriating the Chinaski character. If too far, law suit time? Assuming they didn't buy rights, of course.
I remember a chapter in "the captain is out to lunch.." in which Bukowski got an offer to write the script for a comedy TV show but he canceled it in the end.
True. It was also mentioned in Sounes.
As far I remember there were 2 things responsible for Buks refuse:
1st, they tried to establish cencorship.
2nd, they wanted to have a laughter-track in it.

Anyway, I really could imagine this a very good series. (though I wouldn't 've chosen Duchovny.) Funny and serious at one time.
Depending on the producers and directors of course. Most likely they will spoil it. surprise, surprise.
Yeah and Bukowski mentioned in "the captain.." he had fear to loose all his street credibility and to upset his readers.
In my opion he did absolutely the right decision - well we will see what is
comeing now on the screen.
Sure as eggs is eggs, Duchovny's character is based on Buk.I'm tryin' to decide whether he could do a worse job than Dillon who most certainly didn't have the charisma or depth to fill Buks shoes.

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