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can anyone give me any info about this publication? have there been four published? will there be more? does anyone have a #3 for sale?
I have them all. Only four issues published. I don't think JJ Smith will be putting out another issue anytime soon.
I have them all and they are all probably still available from the publisher. I also know that Waterrow will have copies of all 4 issues for sale. I did hear that the publisher was ill and that #4 was the last issue.

Are they any good?
Better/worse than 'Sure'?


hey all, thanks for the info on the review, and thanks for the link to ABE, is there anything that they dont have access too?!, funny, I see on there that celery city books have one for sale. this is Semus Cooneys stuff, almost within walking distance from where I live. (literally) I have a few of the "sure" newsletters, (I think that there have been 15 issues(?)) and in my (humble) opinion the review is the better of the two, just seems better "put together" and has more content. on the other hand it wasn't started until 2001, well after bukowski's death while the sure newsletter started in '91 (and) with Bukowski's blessing's. (I have a mimeographed letter from buk to Edward L. Smith, the editor) so anyway thats what I think about it.....
yeah, i've got number 3. joan at pearl is a goood person. EVERYBODY ELSE OVER AT PEARL I CAN DO WITHOUT. and lets face, marilyn johnson is a horrible writer.
Well, issue #1 is a masterpiece. No one can deny that.

SURE is easily the better of the two. I'm not saying that because I'm in a bunch of issues of SURE. I haven't seen Bukowski Review, but it can't compare to SURE.

Kidding, of course.

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