Bukowski tattoos

Nice tatoo Edge, nice bats too.
I got some bats for ya
taken of my phone so shit picture but ye get the point, want bukowski potrait under it. but alas my money is short.


this is on my left arm with most of it under where it bends sept the bats and cactus, i love it, but my black sabbath tat on my tit is still my fav.

it looks realy shit on that picture but its done very well i think. ill try get a better picture at some point.

and yes i am a hairy motherfucker


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Has THIS been posted here before?
Oops. She got stuck with devision (which isn't even a word) in place of derision.


Who gets a tattoo consisting mainly of words without proofreading it when it's still a removable stencil? Well, her, I guess. And a lot of others.


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Now she have to get the "v" made into an "r", if it's possible...:D
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It's a magic trick. You know, where a flash of fire suddenly comes from the magician's hand and then disappears.

According to Sounes (pg. 562), Bukowski was an avid amateur magician, even going so far as having his own elaborate props built so he could saw women in half, escape from milk cans, etc.

Google it.
Is that supposed to be a cigarette or a microphone in his hands.

no, he shows the audience how he's masturbating.

(I don't dig tattoos, but like the style of this one as a colored drawing. The original masturbation-scene is on a photograph in 'Shakespeare' btw.)
yeah id say 99% :) but they'll ask then il tell them. i love the poem enough to not really be bothered and i really wanted a buk tattoo.
Man, I've been thinking of getting a Bukowski tattoo for a while now. Or maybe a Hunter S. Thompson one...or maybe both. Bukowski on the left upper bicep, and Hunter (The Ralph Steadman drawing of him holding the suitcase fulla drugs from Fear and loathing) on the inside of my right forearm.


I like tatoos! I have quite a few myself. I don't believe in hideing them because your afraid that other people dont want to see them. If you excell in your craft, people will accept who and what you are! And if they dont...ELIMINATION of them is absolutly necessary! So.... cheers to the Buk tatoo!!!!! Here Here!!!!
Nice one, Adam. Looks like your arm was placed on a large platen (reminiscent of an old typewriter) and typed on cleanly. I like a tattoo that has some air and space in it - rather than too much clutter and detail - and this one does - by a good tattooist with a masterful hand. In art generally, sometimes the simpler the design...the harder it is to make it work...and you've lucked into one that works.


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...by a good tattooist with a masterful hand.
To suggest that this lettering was done by a master tattooist is like saying someone is a master chef because they can cook a box of macaroni and cheese without burning it.

Anyone in their first month of tattooing could have done that. Like filling in an entire coloring book page with only a black crayon. Maybe they clap and fawn over that kind of thing at the special school, but in reality it is not any kind of achievement.

I invite you over to my house to hang around with me for a few weeks and wax poetic over every load of laundry I fold or pot of coffee I make.


I like that one, OldDad. I might have fussed over the L.A. art-deco details a bit, but to each his own. Impressive work.
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