Bukowski used in Advertising

while listening to some reading's on youtube,have come across some of his work been used by
levi's...the laughing heart
dewar's whisky....so you want to be a writer
would be interested to know if there are any other examples of his work been used in this way or in any other form of advertising.

Pogue Mahone

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There were some poems on placards on the transit system when I live in San Francisco, but that was some kind of city art project I think. I can't recall any others except the ones you mentioned -- and I think the ones you mentioned were actually done with good intentions and somewhat quality execution (others may rightfully disagree). Both of the ones you mention I think were done well aftet his death and both poems may well have been edited -- I can't recall at the moment.


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couple of years ago, BMW planned to use a poem by him in a clip, but - to my knowledge - it didn't happen.