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Dirty Word list:

Is it legal here to use "cluck, stunt, chit, bore and diss"?


His favorite stunt told him to duck-off and then he dissed his pants when his horse ran out.

After his recent duck-up, he was forced to trade in his sterling stunt for a snoring bore.

"Cluck you!" he said, as he was ducked over once again at the post office.

Chit! I've been outsmarted by a cunning bore, and my other stunt just left me.

He stood before the urinal of time while he was dissed and ducking mad.


Wouldn't want to get in trouble. ;-)

I just heard the Zappa album called "The Mothers, Fillmore East - June 1971". On the track called "Do you like my new car?", instead of cunt, he says, "succulent slithering slit". I think that's a tiny bit more poetic...:D

I better end with a Buk quote: "Now, girls - relax - I still love you...:D
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Is it just me or has cunt left the general American lexicon? I think I know of two people who I MAY have ever heard saying it, and one of them is originally from Canada.

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