Bukowski's work hours at the PO? (1 Viewer)

Just a random thought... but Bukowski sometimes mentions his "12-hour shift" when writing about the horrors of the Post Office, since I'm not American, I was wondering if the 8-hour day (or night) had been introduced in the US in the 1960's when Bukowski was at the PO?
What I'm thinking is this: You get the feeling that Bukowski sometimes have several days off, not because he called in sick (he does that some times but there's always the risk of "bad standing" with the job)
Bukowski being a seasoned and stable employee, maybe he made an arrangement with his supervisors, that if he worked 12-hour shifts, instead of the normal 8-hour, he could get a 48-hour week done in four days, giving him three days off, for writing, drinking, the racetrack, romance/ fucking, etc... any comments on this, or am I just delirious :)

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