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Has anyone ever seen a picture of Bukowski's acne vulgaris? If so is there a link to the photo(s)? I am very interested in seeing what he looked like with his boils. From the way that he describes them the sound quite interesting.
google image search "acne vulgaris", and you'll get an idea. you could theoretically use photoshop to superimpose the yearbook photo on the front of ham on rye over one of the results you find on google, and that would get you most of the way there. you could also use an iron-on transfer to put the image on a piece of cloth and then lay the cloth over some golf balls spaced randomly across the carpet, carefully airbrushing brownish/red paint swirls over the raised bumps. finally, your last option would be to save the image as a high res .jpg and then have it transferred onto a cake, which you could decorate with orange peels covered in reddish frosting, simulating both the physical boils, as well as the bitter resentment the condition gave buk for the rest of his life.

hope this helps.

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