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Yeah I saw the bukowski birthday party thread and thought of this.

So any plans for paying homage to our main man Hank?

I'd be interested in hearing about what some of you crazy Bukowski nuts are going to do on August 16th, 2006.

Anybody going up to the gravesite?

Lets hear it.
I have friends in Pedro. I visited Buk's grave a couple of years ago. D. Boon's as well.

I'm going to buy a couple bottles of red and probably listen to some classical or maybe listen to a Buk reading I just got - after I get drunk.
Yeah that sounds like a plan. I'll probably do something similar to that, nothing too extravagant though.

how bout mjp, you gonna pay Buk a visit?
Nah, probably not. We go over once a year, not on his birthday, just some other day that has meaning for us.

I'm sure there will be people over there though. It's kind of amazing, any time you go in there, there's someone at the grave or looking for the grave.
I'll probably be reading in "Come on in" and in Miles Buk bio both of which I have'nt finished yet. And maybe I'll watch a couple of my favourite segments from "The Bukowski Tapes". I'll certainly be sending Buk a kind thought or two...
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Yes, same here. I'm going to be reading Beerspit Night and Cursing because it's been on my shelf for months and I haven't started it.
yeah I know, I know, good luck because it's not the easiest book to read...thats why i've been putting it off.

I'm gonna listen to Hostage and probably will end up drinking and pouring some out for Hank
I get you.
"Beerspit night night and cursing" have been on my shelf for months too, because as you say, it?s not an easy read. So you?re not the only one who has been putting it off. :)
One of the poetry groups that I'm involved in is having
a Bukowski tribute reading tonite. We'll be reading from
his works, then we'll read our own...it's an open mic, and
there's no cover charge.

If any of you are in the Dallas area, you're welcome to
come out and participate. You can find a link for a map
and driving directions at http://www.inkandblood.net/sched1.html


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